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    Lunch Cards

    When Ryan was in first grade, he kept asking me to send something special in his lunch box. He even brought home a book about napkin origami from the library in an attempt to get me to try it. My origami skills are non-existent, so instead I started sending him notes. My original notes were very simple, basically saying “Have a great day! Love, Mom” with a smiley face. I couldn’t keep sending the exact same note every day though, so I expanded the notes to jokes. Every night after Ryan went to bed, I sat down and Googled a kid joke (usually related to something he and I had…

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    Back to School

    Ryan started fourth grade on Monday.  It really seems like they grow up overnight, check out the difference between the first day of third grade and first day of fourth grade.  I can’t believe I have a fourth grader already! When he was just a little preschooler, school seemed so big and scary.  Each year he has grown more and more and become increasingly independent.  Usually Ryan likes a little bit of extra support and hand holding.  Not this year.  This is the first year that he didn’t ask me to walk him to class.  In fact, I asked him (several times actually) and he was insistent that he wanted…

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    Along the Ammonoosuc River – Tuesday Tour Guide

    The Ammonoosuc River runs through the heart of Littleton. Historically, the river played an important role in the town’s history, with mills and factories lining its shores.  The river continues to play an important role in the town today, not for industry and manufacturing, but for recreation and hospitality.  The river adds to our town’s charm and makes for a pleasant walk through town or a lovely meal on the patio of one of our area restaurants.  On a nice day, you can see kids splashing around in the river and people fishing from the rocks.  I have even watched whitewater kayaking lessons taking place. There are at least four…

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    Along the Ammonoosuc River – Sunday Snapshots

    The Ammonoosuc River runs right through the heart of Littleton.  I always find it so peaceful to walk along the river.     Check back Tuesday for a more detailed post about this area.   This blog is participating in the Sundays in my City link up.  To see photo posts from other bloggers’ communities, click the button below.

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    Creating a Back to School Command Center

    It is hard to believe it is already time for Back to School!  Summer seemed to fly by this year.  In getting ready for a new school year, I really wanted to create a create a more organized homework station/command center for Ryan. Looking on Pinterest, there are tons of creative ideas.  I would have loved to come up with some new creative idea that was super Pinterest-worthy, but instead I have created a pretty basic homework station.  Here is what we have: I picked up blueish paper and pen holders from T.J.Maxx.  I wanted to keep pens/pencils/markers easily accessible and have a spot for any important papers or library…

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    Kid-free for a few days – and a new roof!

    Both of my kids are visiting family in Maine right now.  They are staying for a few days and I don’t even know what to do with myself.  This is the first time I have really been away from Saoirse since she was born 2.5 years ago.  When I asked her if she wanted to have a sleepover with Ryan and grandma, she was really excited.  I know that she will be totally fine, especially with her big brother there to help her.  I was still a little nervous about dropping her off though. I am really looking forward to having a few days where I can do what I…

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    Maidstone State Park – Tuesday Tour Guide

    Sunday was our first time visiting Maidstone State Park. We went for a potluck with a group of friends, and it was a great chance to explore our area more! The park was about an hour away from Littleton (which is really nothing up here in the North Country, especially to my Texan husband). It was a very pleasant drive traveling further north in New Hampshire, and then the park was just across the Connecticut River in Vermont. Maidstone Lake is a 796 acre glacial lake.  The water depths vary greatly.  A lot of it is shallow, but I was told that the water gets as deep as 122 feet…

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    Maidstone State Park – Sunday Snapshots

    Today we visited Maidstone State Park in Maidstone, Vermont for a potluck with friends.  Check out some of the pictures of the beautiful scenery here. About Sunday Snapshots – I love the idea of blogging about the area where I live and sharing it with others.  When I was looking at blog link-ups, I stumbled across the Sundays in my City link up.  I love the idea of being able to post just a quick picture or two of my area, especially because I am usually busy with my family on the weekends and don’t have time for a ton of writing.  I still do want to write about where…

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    Refocusing – Projects, Places and Personal

    My blogging has taken a lot of different forms over the years (most of which I believe I have deleted now). I have blogged about being a college student, being a young mom, raising a child on the spectrum etc. My most recent iteration of my blog was intended to focus on learning to deal with anxiety and looking at motherhood through the lens of anxiety. At the time when I chose to focus my blog on that, anxiety was consuming my life and I hoped that blogging would be a good coping mechanism. Now I seem to have my anxiety under control and writing about anxiety isn’t particularly helpful…

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    Littleton, New Hampshire – My (New) Hometown!

    Littleton is a very cheerful little mountain town, full of quirky shops and restaurants.  The town seems to have almost a magnetic pull to it.  People are just drawn here. The first time I ever visited Littleton, I was amazed by what a cute little town it was and wondered what it would be like to live here.  Unbeknownst to me, Cal had driven through the town two years earlier and thought the exact same thing.  I have met so many other people who were drawn to this town in the same way. Still, when it came time to decide where to move to in New Hampshire, we never considered…

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