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    Wallace Horse Cemetery – Littleton, NH

    Who spends a beautiful weekend day visiting a horse cemetery? Apparently I do. The Wallace Horse Cemetery is one of those quirky small town things that I knew about, but had never bothered to stop and look at. I had seen it mentioned in a book about bizarre New England attractions. I see the sign all the time. Yet, it was just one of those things that you don’t really make the time to check out. Until we were going for a drive after getting some ice cream at Bishop’s and Ryan started asking questions about the horse cemetery. Then it seemed like the perfect time to stop and check…

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    Summer Sunday – Sunday Snapshots

    Ever since we moved to Littleton (over a year ago now!), it feels like we are constantly doing something. For a while, I was great about making sure to take a picture and post about our adventures on this blog. Sometimes, though, it is just so much easier to just enjoy the moment and not worry about documenting or sharing with others. This is the same reason that I used to post massive albums of our family adventures on Facebook, but now only rarely post. I want to spend my life living it – not just documenting it. With that said, I love this blog and what it can be.…

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    The Talisman

    The little white door blended in seamlessly with the wall around it, and Lucy probably wouldn’t have even noticed it if Connor didn’t point it out to her. It was small, the top of the door was level with the top of her head and it was maybe only a foot wide. In place of a doorknob, there were two latches – a tarnished old slide latch and a shiny and new-looking latch with a lock. Connor pulled a small key out of his pocket and started fumbling with the lock. Lucy looked at the door and wondered what could possibly be hiding behind it. It was much too small…

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    A Trip to the Ice Cream Factory (Ben and Jerry’s) – Sunday Snapshots

    For the past month or so, Saoirse has been talking about going to the “ice cream factory” during all of her pretend play. Fortunately for her, we live about an hour and a half from the Ben and Jerry’s factory. I was really looking forward to checking out the Littleton Farmer’s Market on their opening weekend of the season, but an impromptu trip to Ben and Jerry’s was the perfect treat for the kids today.

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