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    Friday Goal Day – August 25, 2017

    Overall, this has been a good week.  My biggest goal for the week was to write consistently and I definitely achieved that goal.  However, I didn’t even really think about my weight loss goal, and I am not planning to work on driving until September when Ryan is back in school.  I feel happy with my writing, but it is clear that I need to tweak my goals a little bit. For writing, I blogged every day except Thursday and also outlined the chapters of a book and wrote half of the first chapter.  I have a lot of ideas in my head, but I don’t have nearly enough time…

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    My first #MicroBlogMonday

    In looking at different types of blog link-ups, I stumbled across this idea of microblogging and Microblog Mondays.  The basic idea is to just take something that is on your mind, write up a quick paragraph on it and publish it.  #MicroblogMondays is a link-up that was created by Melissa at Stirrup Queens.  You can read more about the ideas behind Microblog Mondays here: What is #MicroblogMondays. As soon as I came across this idea, I knew I wanted to participate.  I have started so many blog posts that I just couldn’t finish and had writer’s block so many times.  The idea of just writing whatever is on my mind, similar…

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    Friday Goal Day

    Right now this blog is all over the place and really just something that I update whenever I have a spare moment.  At the moment, I am only blogging for me.  However, I would love to eventually use this blog as a possible way to connect with others and maybe build a community.  In order to do that, first I need to get myself back to blogging consistently.  To help me do that, I have been brainstorming about a content schedule a lot over the past few days. One thing that is really helpful to me, would be to have a set day to check in about and refine my…

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    Panic Wednesday

    I was supposed to blog on Wednesday, but I did not.  I sat down many times throughout the day, and attempted to blog, but I just couldn’t finish.  Wednesday was a panic day for me. There wasn’t anything that I was consciously worried about, and yet my entire body felt trapped in a state of panic. My heart and my thoughts were racing all day.  It felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest, making it difficult to breathe.  I could not think straight, and I wanted nothing more than to curl up in some dark corner until those feelings went away (which of course I couldn’t do, because…

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    Welcome to my blog! I have blogged before and stopped over time for one reason or another.  I could pick up writing at my previous blog, but I’ve decided that this blog needs a fresh start.  This blog is meant to be a blog about parenthood and self-improvement, with a heavy dose of anxiety, autism and love. About the characters  I am a quasi-crunchy, anxiety-filled, stay-at-home mom to two kids.  Ryan (age 6) is about to finish first grade.  He is autistic, happy, and just an all around awesome kid.  Saoirse (age 2 months) is our newest addition.  She is a happy little baby who likes bouncing on exercise balls…