Making time to write

It can be difficult to find the time to writer, especially with kids. Before I could even finish typing that sentence, I had the four year old yelling for me from her room. My kids are both incredibly sweet, but they have a habit of clinging to me. When my four year old was younger I called her my “velcro baby” and the velcro behavior still continues aside from the couple of hours she goes to preschool each day.

Yesterday, I sat down to write and almost immediately had both my four year old and my dog climb into my lap. Something similar happens each time I start to write. It has been a good reminder of how easy it was to just step away from writing for a year. When I have the time to sit and write uninterrupted, I can feel myself slipping into a writing headspace. I feel at peace and the words seem to flow from my fingers. When I am constantly interrupted while writing though, being pulled out of that headspace feels jarring and it becomes more and more difficult to write.

I am currently on attempt three of trying to write this morning. Yesterday, I lost track of how many times I sat down and attempted to write, each time only getting a few words out before someone (usually the four year old) needed something from me. After running around all day, and then taking the kids to a small birthday party for Fiona’s best friend I was exhausted. I was tempted to just call it a night and go to bed, but because of my daily writing goal, I did make it a point to stay up and finish that blog post.

This challenge that I have given myself – to see how many days in a row I can keep up a blogging streak, seems to be exactly the motivation that I need to sit down and write. Every time that I sit down and write, I feel more at peace and I find it easier and easier to slip into that writing headspace.