Moving Forward

I have big, exciting news. We are moving! We are about to close on our new house. There are a lot of great changes coming, a new house, new neighborhood, new town and new school for Ryan. I am pretty confident that this is going to be a great move all around, but I also know that it will bring a lot of tough changes for Ryan.

I have moved around a lot in my life. In college, I never knew where to say I was from. I was born in New Hampshire and spent equal amounts of time living in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. I longed for a sense of hometown and childhood home that I never really had. I always swore that when I had kids, I would stay in one place. The idea of my children having a childhood home to grow up in seemed so wonderful.

Unfortunately when you have kids really young, it is not always possible to accomplish that. I was 20 when I had Ryan. He has moved with me from Cape Cod (where he was born) to Washington, DC (where I finished college). After college, he and I moved around the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts while I worked on my Masters degree. We moved back to Cape Cod to stay with my parents for his kindergarten year. Then, Cal moved up to New Hampshire and we moved to a tiny town in the Kearsarge-Sunapee area of New Hampshire to be with him.

There have been a lot of moves. It could be worse, but I definitely didn’t meet my goal of staying in one place once I had children. Other factors in life took priority.

We have been living in our small, run down rental house for almost three years now. It has been absolutely amazing for Ryan. He has blossomed and thrived in his tiny school where everyone knows him and is there to support him. He has been able to develop a sense of independence walking to and from school alone and running around the neighborhood with friends. There are perks to living in such a sleepy little town. However the house and the town have not been the best fit for the rest of us.

The past few years it has felt like we’ve been stuck in a rut. I am so excited to be moving forward. I am really hopeful that this move is going to be great for our entire family. Now we just have to get through the million and one tasks that come along with making a move.