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    Halloween in Littleton NH and the Gathering of the Jack o Lanterns

    It isn’t even Halloween yet, but there has already been plenty of Halloween celebration in the town of Littleton. The search for Golden Pumpkins was a great lead up to the Halloween season, and the big town celebrations happened this past Saturday with the Gathering of the Jack o Lanterns. Saturday was packed with activities. We started off the day at Halloween Fest at the High School where there were games, bounce houses, face painting, pumpkin carving and lots of treats for the kids. The high school was packed and lots of kids were clearly having a great time. After checking out the activity at the high school, Cal hurried…

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    Gathering of the Jack o Lanterns – Littleton NH

    I have been looking forward to the Gathering of the Jack o Lanterns in Littleton ever since I first heard about it (way before we even moved here). Unfortunately the weather was not cooperative this year. The event went on regardless of weather, but while we were celebrating we were hit with the remains of a Nor’easter, freezing rain, and hail. The wind blew out some of the candles and they weren’t able to get out to all the rocks in the middle of the river to place Jack o Lanterns, but it was still a great event. This blog is participating in the Sundays in my City link up.…

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    October Snow – Sunday Snapshots

    My favorite pictures from this week are from Thursday morning, when we woke up to snow outside. The snow was a little bit of a shock since we weren’t quite ready, but both kids woke up so excited to see all the fresh fallen snow. There is something that just feels magical about a fresh snowfall. We are not quite at the time of year where the snow sticks around for the season yet, so all the snow was gone by the next day. It was a great reminder for me that I need to get my act together and clean and organize winter gear, figure out what fits and…

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    Festival of Colors

    Fall has arrived. School is in session and there is a chill in the air.  Families flock to apple orchards and pumpkin patches.  The lush green of the woods has been replaced by vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds.  The changing colors of the leaves announce the season more clearly than any date on a calendar ever could.  The background of any outdoor picture immediately gives away the season, while tourists line the sides of roads eager to document the beauty of the leaves. You won’t see these colors in Winter, Spring or Summer. In our old town the Fall Foliage Festival was the event that was anticipated all year.  Committees…

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    A Happy Place

    Turning on the news lately makes me want to scream, but like a tragic roadside accident, I cannot look away.  There is so much that I want to say, but I can’t.  I am afraid that if I open the floodgates even a little, I will never be able to close them again. All of those words, memories and tears will just come falling out and I won’t be able to stop them. So instead, I focus on my happy place. For years, my happy place was not a real place at all.  Instead it was a state of mind that I could take anywhere.  I would put my headphones…

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    Music in the Glad Town – Tour Guide Tuesday

    Littleton, NH prides itself on being “the Glad Town”.  It is the birthplace of the author of Pollyanna, and the town has really embraced the Pollyanna attitude.  One of the many ways this can be seen around town is through music.  The first time I ever visited Littleton, we didn’t really explore Main Street, but we did go into Chutter’s (the candy store with the World’s Longest Candy Counter).  On the way out of the store, I noticed a piano painted with vibrant colors and patterns.  I wasn’t sure if it was parked there by a street musician or if it was owned by the store.  I never even realized…

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    No Jobs? – Myths of the North Country

    A common refrain that I hear from people in other parts of the state is that there are no jobs in the North Country.  A common refrain I hear from employers up here is that there are not enough workers in the North Country to fill all the jobs.  There are those who seem to think that there is nothing up here except mountains and some businesses that cater to tourists.  There are also people who are slightly more informed about the area, but believe that ever since the big mills up here closed, there haven’t been any new jobs or businesses.  Those ideas are completely wrong.  It is true…

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    Isolated? – Myths of the North Country

    The White Mountains and the Notches that pass through them form a natural barrier between the North Country and the rest of New Hampshire.  Driving through Franconia Notch, the interstate narrows to one lane in each direction and the speed limit drops to 45 mph as the road winds between the mountains.  It is easy to see where one might get the idea that it is isolated up here – and if you are someone who needs easy access to a major city at all times, it just might be.  As someone who had no desire to be in a major metropolitan area, the North Country is perfect for me.…

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    Littleton Farmer’s Market – Tuesday Tour Guide

    Farmer’s markets are a great local asset and Littleton is lucky to have a wonderful one right here in town (in addition to other farmer’s markets all over the local area). The Littleton Farmer’s Market is impressive.  It is now in its 20th season – far longer running than most Farmer’s Markets I am familiar with – and has 43 different vendors this year.  They are located in a great spot just over the covered bridge that runs behind Main Street, and are open on Sundays from June through October between 10 am and 1 pm. Living in DC when Ryan was little, one of my favorite things to do…

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    Littleton Farmer’s Market – Sunday Snapshots

    The Littleton Farmer’s Market happens every Sunday from June to October.  It is a great way to spend a day! For a more detailed post about this great Farmer’s Market, check back on Tuesday. This blog is participating in the Sundays in my City link up.  To see photo posts from other bloggers’ communities, click the button below.

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