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    Myths of the North Country – Life Does Exist North of the Notches

    Littleton is a town that sits “North of the Notches”. The Notches refers to Franconia Notch, Crawford Notch and Pinkham Notch, the mountain passes that contain the main thoroughfares between the North Country and the rest of New Hampshire. There are a lot of misperceptions about life North of the Notches and to hear many New Hampshirites talk about it, you wouldn’t think anyone would ever choose to live this far north. There is this kind of myth in New Hampshire that northern New Hampshire is this frozen wasteland with bad schools and no money or jobs, that is completely cut off from civilization.  There is a belief that everyone…

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    Pine Hill Trail – Tuesday Tour Guide

    The Pine Hill Trail is one of my favorite places in Littleton.  Located only a few blocks above Main Street, the trail allows residents (and visitors) to have the best of both worlds.  Here it is possible to live in the heart of a walkable and vibrant town, but also walk down the street and spend the day hiking and exploring the woods.  Pine Hill Trail is not the most impressive trail in the area.  We are after all, in the White Mountains with hundreds if not thousands of amazing trails right at our doorstep.  Yet, it is still a really great trail, and it is so nice to not…

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    Pine Hill Trail – Sunday Snapshots

    Living in the White Mountains, there are countless hiking trails all around me.  Here in Littleton, we have some great local trails right in our backyard.  Pine Hill Trail is one of those.  It is a one-mile, fairly easy hike. However, it goes by some cool local sites and connects to the more extensive PRKR MTN trails. Saoirse decided to try hiking on foot instead of my back for the first time ever when I went to take pictures of the trail. It is a very manageable hike for her, but she decided she was more interested in picking up sticks and playing with acorns.  We didn’t make it very…

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    Back to School

    Ryan started fourth grade on Monday.  It really seems like they grow up overnight, check out the difference between the first day of third grade and first day of fourth grade.  I can’t believe I have a fourth grader already! When he was just a little preschooler, school seemed so big and scary.  Each year he has grown more and more and become increasingly independent.  Usually Ryan likes a little bit of extra support and hand holding.  Not this year.  This is the first year that he didn’t ask me to walk him to class.  In fact, I asked him (several times actually) and he was insistent that he wanted…

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    Along the Ammonoosuc River – Sunday Snapshots

    The Ammonoosuc River runs right through the heart of Littleton.  I always find it so peaceful to walk along the river.     Check back Tuesday for a more detailed post about this area.   This blog is participating in the Sundays in my City link up.  To see photo posts from other bloggers’ communities, click the button below.

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    Kid-free for a few days – and a new roof!

    Both of my kids are visiting family in Maine right now.  They are staying for a few days and I don’t even know what to do with myself.  This is the first time I have really been away from Saoirse since she was born 2.5 years ago.  When I asked her if she wanted to have a sleepover with Ryan and grandma, she was really excited.  I know that she will be totally fine, especially with her big brother there to help her.  I was still a little nervous about dropping her off though. I am really looking forward to having a few days where I can do what I…

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    Littleton, New Hampshire – My (New) Hometown!

    Littleton is a very cheerful little mountain town, full of quirky shops and restaurants.  The town seems to have almost a magnetic pull to it.  People are just drawn here. The first time I ever visited Littleton, I was amazed by what a cute little town it was and wondered what it would be like to live here.  Unbeknownst to me, Cal had driven through the town two years earlier and thought the exact same thing.  I have met so many other people who were drawn to this town in the same way. Still, when it came time to decide where to move to in New Hampshire, we never considered…

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    Fourth of July Festivities – Littleton, NH

    Last week was a busy week for us between fireworks, friendly potlucks and a town-wide block party.  It was a great first Fourth of July experience in our new hometown of Littleton.  The small town we were renting in previously was a very isolating experience for us, our experience thus far in Littleton has been the complete opposite of that and I have loved exploring and getting to know the town and area better. On the 3rd we had a potluck with new friends and then rushed home in order to see the Littleton Fireworks show.  We were having such a great time with friends, that we ran later than…

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