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    Using a Bullet Journal to Organize Home and Habits

    Bullet Journaling methods have become quite trendy in recent years.  A quick search on Pinterest will easily yield thousands of results for creative page layouts.  A search on Facebook will bring up hundreds of Facebook groups dedicated to sharing and discussing using a bullet journal and page layouts.  All of these “bullet journaling” approaches started with Ryder Carrol’s Bullet Journal method, a specific organizational system used with a notebook.  If you visit the Bullet Journal website, you can find a step by step breakdown of his method as well as an app, book, and notebook for sale. The popularity of Ryder Carrol’s method inspired many creative and artistic approaches to…

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    Lunch Cards

    When Ryan was in first grade, he kept asking me to send something special in his lunch box. He even brought home a book about napkin origami from the library in an attempt to get me to try it. My origami skills are non-existent, so instead I started sending him notes. My original notes were very simple, basically saying “Have a great day! Love, Mom” with a smiley face. I couldn’t keep sending the exact same note every day though, so I expanded the notes to jokes. Every night after Ryan went to bed, I sat down and Googled a kid joke (usually related to something he and I had…

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    Creating a Back to School Command Center

    It is hard to believe it is already time for Back to School!  Summer seemed to fly by this year.  In getting ready for a new school year, I really wanted to create a create a more organized homework station/command center for Ryan. Looking on Pinterest, there are tons of creative ideas.  I would have loved to come up with some new creative idea that was super Pinterest-worthy, but instead I have created a pretty basic homework station.  Here is what we have: I picked up blueish paper and pen holders from T.J.Maxx.  I wanted to keep pens/pencils/markers easily accessible and have a spot for any important papers or library…

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    Welcome 2018!

    Okay, so it isn’t exactly a “new” year, we are already one month in, but 2017 is over and 2018 is here! The New Year always seems to bring with it plenty of reflection on the past year and a slew of New Year’s resolutions.  However, for many people, those reflections and resolutions are soon forgotten.  It becomes so easy to slip back into the daily grind and old habits and routines are just so much easier to fall back on. Personally, I find that goals are useful all year long and goals with a smaller scope are much more attainable than goals for an entire year.  Goals are also…