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    Maidstone State Park – Tuesday Tour Guide

    Sunday was our first time visiting Maidstone State Park. We went for a potluck with a group of friends, and it was a great chance to explore our area more! The park was about an hour away from Littleton (which is really nothing up here in the North Country, especially to my Texan husband). It was a very pleasant drive traveling further north in New Hampshire, and then the park was just across the Connecticut River in Vermont. Maidstone Lake is a 796 acre glacial lake.  The water depths vary greatly.  A lot of it is shallow, but I was told that the water gets as deep as 122 feet…

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    Maidstone State Park – Sunday Snapshots

    Today we visited Maidstone State Park in Maidstone, Vermont for a potluck with friends.  Check out some of the pictures of the beautiful scenery here. About Sunday Snapshots – I love the idea of blogging about the area where I live and sharing it with others.  When I was looking at blog link-ups, I stumbled across the Sundays in my City link up.  I love the idea of being able to post just a quick picture or two of my area, especially because I am usually busy with my family on the weekends and don’t have time for a ton of writing.  I still do want to write about where…

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