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The Picture Frame

The girl searched through the dusty old boxes in the garage, looking for some treasures worth keeping.  Amid the crumbling papers and broken records, one item stood out – an empty picture frame with beautiful swirled edges. She didn’t know why she felt so drawn to this empty frame, but she quickly took it home and filled it with her artwork before hanging it on the wall.

She soon realized that there was something special about this frame. She leaned closer, the artwork seemed to be moving ever so slightly. When she reached up to touch the picture, her finger just kept going until she found her whole self pulled into the frame.

This is a six sentence story that had to include the cue word FRAME. Check back next week for a continuation of this story. To find some great Six Sentence Stories written by others go here.


  • Pat B

    If this were a movie, now would be the time for some music to start playing softly in the background and then for the hairs to raise on the back of one’s neck.

    I’m so glad this will be continued.

  • clark

    so… the question in my mind (and, surely, everyone else’s) would you be trapped (in the frame) or would that simply be the portal (so Alice-like) to a whole other world?

    Please continue with your tale!

  • D. Avery

    Ha! Because six really isn’t enough sometimes. I have a few favorite characters and serial stories that began as a six sentence prompt. They don’t show up every week but they are always around if I need six sentences.
    You did a great job roping us in and leaving us hanging.
    PS, Littleton is a great town, not too far east from the greatest state in the Union. I enjoy the diner on Main Street.