Friday Goal Day – August 25, 2017

Overall, this has been a good week.  My biggest goal for the week was to write consistently and I definitely achieved that goal.  However, I didn’t even really think about my weight loss goal, and I am not planning to work on driving until September when Ryan is back in school.  I feel happy with my writing, but it is clear that I need to tweak my goals a little bit.

For writing, I blogged every day except Thursday and also outlined the chapters of a book and wrote half of the first chapter.  I have a lot of ideas in my head, but I don’t have nearly enough time to sit and write it all down.The only guaranteed time that I have for writing is if I wake up at 4 am, which means I only get 4 hours of sleep.  Otherwise, I try to squeeze in time to write, but I am at the mercy of a tiny toddler’s schedule which doesn’t always work in my favor.

For next week, I think I am going to try thinking about what my goals are for the next week and not try to cover all of my overarching goals.

  1. Write something every day, either on this blog or in the book I promised Ryan.
  2. Develop stronger daily routines and write them down.
  3. Use my bullet journal.
  4. Write at least one informational post on here.
  5. Finish deep cleaning my house.
  6. Meet my daily step goal for Fitbit.

This is more goals than last week, but they are smaller and tie into each other.  My hope is that I can accomplish them all by the end of the week and share with you here.

What are your goals for the upcoming week? Is there anything that you are particularly focused on? What helps you work toward your goals? Share in the comments or link to one of your own blog posts.

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