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    Littleton, New Hampshire – My (New) Hometown!

    Littleton is a very cheerful little mountain town, full of quirky shops and restaurants.  The town seems to have almost a magnetic pull to it.  People are just drawn here. The first time I ever visited Littleton, I was amazed by what a cute little town it was and wondered what it would be like to live here.  Unbeknownst to me, Cal had driven through the town two years earlier and thought the exact same thing.  I have met so many other people who were drawn to this town in the same way. Still, when it came time to decide where to move to in New Hampshire, we never considered…

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  • Personal

    Grad School Completed

    Graduation is this week (not that I will be attending) and I can finally consider my grad school journey complete.  I feel like I am finally closing the door on a very stressful chapter in my life.  Hopefully I will find it easier to keep my sanity in tact for the next chapter.  I should have graduated three years ago, but I went into post-residency instead. That was the right decision for me at the time.  I was dealing with an overwhelming amount of stress and pressure and knew I wasn’t in the right place to add a thesis to my load at that point.  It would have been nice…