Evergreen Gymnastics and Movies – Sunday Snapshots

On Saturday, Saoirse attended a classmate’s birthday party at Evergreen Sports Center, while Ryan and I went to our local movie theater to watch a movie together.

The birthday party was Saoirse’s first time going to Evergreen, although they have a lot to offer and we will have to bring her back soon. Evergreen is our local gymnastics and aquatics center, they also have a 24 hour gym, fitness classes, tennis and more. Of course with kids gymnastics and the pool take center stage. Having a birthday party in the gymnastics area seems to be a popular choice around here and it is easy to see why. She had a lot of fun at her classmate’s birthday party. Perhaps I will have to sign her up for gymnastics lessons sometime soon.

Ryan and I went to our tiny, local theater that is full of small-town charm, to see the movie Abominable. We didn’t really know much about the movie beforehand, just that it is the kid’s movie currently playing, but it was a really sweet and lovely movie. It was well-done, and I am glad that he and I went to see it together.

Ryan in front of the theater when we went to see Aladdin earlier this year.

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