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Halloween Housesitting

The job requirements were simple, she just had to spend the night in a vacant house to make sure that no Halloween pranksters messed with it – easy money.

As she walked up to the door, the house was surrounded by a fog so thick she could barely see two feet in front of her. She pushed the old, creaky door open and stepped inside. She heard a door slam in a different part of the house as the lights flickered off and on. This house was supposed to be unoccupied so she shouted out to see who was there. Suddenly the lights went out and then the laughter started.


This is a Six Sentence Story that had to include the prompt word REQUIREMENTS. Check out others’ Six Sentence Stories here


  • clark

    Excellent Six. (The very definition of a good scary story, set it up and let the Reader provide the scary details.)

    (Liked the house in the photo. Oddly enough, it looks like how I imagine the house in my Six, (which I did not have and therefore did not include, only not in the mountains.). But whats weird is the description of the house in my story (not the Six, but the backstory of the Six) had a stone first floor and wood on the upper floors. I had better stop typing or risk this being a ‘run-on’ comment.*

    * yeah, ‘as if’**
    ** lol

  • GirlieOnTheEdge

    No thank you! There is no amount of money that could entice me to stay in a house like the one in your picture (excellent picture, btw) I’d be convinced from the get go that it was haunted lol
    Good, scary 6 🙂