Summer Sunday – Sunday Snapshots

Ever since we moved to Littleton (over a year ago now!), it feels like we are constantly doing something. For a while, I was great about making sure to take a picture and post about our adventures on this blog. Sometimes, though, it is just so much easier to just enjoy the moment and not worry about documenting or sharing with others. This is the same reason that I used to post massive albums of our family adventures on Facebook, but now only rarely post. I want to spend my life living it – not just documenting it. With that said, I love this blog and what it can be. I want to write, connect with others and maybe provide a snapshot of life in the White Mountains of NH. I aim to go back to documenting and blogging – and hopefully get better about updating the Instagram and Facebook pages for this blog.

We have been doing a lot lately and it seems like everyday is filled with activity. This morning was a much needed quiet moment with no plans – just playing on the deck with my kids and enjoying the day. It was perfect.