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    Apple (and Pumpkin) Picking at Windy Ridge Orchard

    This past weekend, we finally had an opportunity to check out Windy Ridge Orchard in North Haverhill, NH.  Windy Ridge was the closest orchard that I could really find information about online and is about 40 minutes away from our house in Littleton.  I asked around a bit, because a lot of local businesses and orchards do not have an online presence, but Windy Ridge Orchard was highly recommended to me by everyone I talked to. As it turns out, Windy Ridge is much more than just an apple orchard.  They also have blueberry picking, a pumpkin patch, and Christmas trees depending on the season.  There were animals that kids…

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    A Day at the Orchard – Sundays in My City

    Yesterday, we finally got around to taking the kids apple (and pumpkin) picking.  We went to Windy Ridge Orchard in North Haverhill, NH.  Here are a few pictures from our visit, I will have a lot more to share in my post on Tuesday for Tour Guide Tuesdays. This blog is participating in the Sundays in my City link up.  To see photo posts from other bloggers’ communities, click the button below.

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    Painting with Apples

    It is apple picking season and there are so many different things to do with all those delicious apples kids (or adults!) bring home from the orchards. Aside from eating and baking them, slicing open an apple can be a great learning opportunity for kids and you can use them to make crafts.  This week, Saoirse and I sliced open an apple and dipped it into some paint to make some fun prints. This was an activity that we attempted last year during our library’s storytime, but she wasn’t quite ready for it then. This is a craft that works best once your child will not just want to eat…