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    Making a Tiger Tutu

    When we talked about costumes for the kids, Saoirse really wanted to be Daniel Tiger, but also wanted to feel like a princess. So the natural solution was to make her a Daniel Tiger tutu. I had thought about making her pants with tiger stripes, but the tutu alone is perfect for giving her tiger stripes on her legs. I looked around online and found a lot of different ways to make tutus. I ultimately decided to follow the simplest tutu instructions because that also seemed like the tutu design most likely to grow with her longest. I found a great tutorial online at DIY Network.  I picked up some…

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    Making a Daniel Tiger Costume

    I am almost done with both kids’ Halloween costumes with just a few more final touches to finish. On Thursday, I finished making Daniel Tiger ears for Saoirse. The great thing about a Daniel Tiger costume is that it is a super simple costume to piece together. She already had a red hooded sweatshirt that she has proudly called her Daniel Tiger sweater for months. When I was searching for costume ideas, I also saw a link for Keds red Graham sneakers. These sneakers look exactly like the shoes that Daniel Tiger wears. The shoes were honestly the only part of the costume I even needed to spend any money…

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    Halloween Costuming – Creating a Daniel Tiger Princess and an Elven Warrior

    October is here and it is time for me to buckle down and get working on my children’s Halloween costumes.  We have been talking about what they want to be for the past few weeks and now I just need to actually make it happen. Ryan is a creative kid and I love his individuality, however it is a pain when it comes to his Halloween costumes.  He will never settle for a costume that doesn’t have his own unique spin on it.  For example, when he wanted to be a superhero, he couldn’t just be a generic superhero.  He had to design his own hero identity – Lava Ryan. …

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