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    Fourth of July Festivities – Littleton, NH

    Last week was a busy week for us between fireworks, friendly potlucks and a town-wide block party.  It was a great first Fourth of July experience in our new hometown of Littleton.  The small town we were renting in previously was a very isolating experience for us, our experience thus far in Littleton has been the complete opposite of that and I have loved exploring and getting to know the town and area better. On the 3rd we had a potluck with new friends and then rushed home in order to see the Littleton Fireworks show.  We were having such a great time with friends, that we ran later than…

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  • Personal

    Rusty, our rescue pup

    Meet our newest family member – Rusty! I have missed living with dogs since I first moved away for college at 18.  When Ryan came along, and as he got older, I desperately wanted him to get to experience growing up with pets.  I also didn’t want to get a dog if we wouldn’t be home most of the day, and I didn’t want to risk dog ownership while renting.  I worried with a dog that changing pet agreements could potentially put me in a position where I would have to choose behind Ryan’s well-being and stability of living environment and keeping a dog. So I held off.  I waited…