The Search for the Golden Pumpkin

The vivid colors have dropped from the trees. The temperatures have dropped along with the leaves. It is cold enough that fewer kids are running around, but not cold enough for frolicking in snow. Littleton may have found a perfect solution for getting kids running around outside – a good old-fashioned treasure hunt!

One by one, the Littleton Police Department has been hiding golden pumpkins around town. Each pumpkin has a golden ticket attached with a prize worth up to $250. Each afternoon they release a clue, and kids all around town scramble to try to find the golden pumpkin.

It has been a really fun way to explore around town and it has been great to see so many kids running around searching. Ryan is really excited about looking, even though I have explained that the likelihood of us finding one is pretty slim with so many kids looking. We did come close to getting one, but it was found moments before we got there. Some of the pumpkins have been found within minutes of the clues being released. Others have taken days and multiple clues to be found. Ryan doesn’t even care about the prizes, it is just fun to be out there searching.

Here are some of the different clues that have been posted so far (all photos courtesy of the Littleton NH Police Department) :