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The Patron

The tired, old bookseller heard the bell over the door ring and looked up from his coffee to see who had entered his shop. He studied the young woman and wondered whether she was just a casual tourist or one of the few who felt the pull from one of the Books hidden on the back shelf.

The old man had grown tired of running the shop and now was only open a few hours a week, he often thought about closing it, but he felt a calling to keep it open for those special few who needed it.

The woman did not seem to know what she was looking for as she made her way down the aisles and straight to the back shelf. She was one who felt the pull and he leaned forward to see which book called to her. He couldn’t believe it when she picked up THAT book from the darkest corner of the shelf, she was about to discover power she never imagined and that no one should possess.


This story is a continuation of my story The Bookseller from last week, told from the book seller’s perspective. It is a Six Sentence Story including the cue word UP. To see other Six Sentence Stories go here

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