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    The Dragon Warrior

    His heavy sword clashed against the dragon’s nearly impenetrable scales and the dragon snarled. He heard footsteps behind him and swung around just in time to block the Dark Knight’s attack. As he raised his sword toward the knight, he could feel the dragon’s fiery breath singe his back. This was the fiercest battle the mighty warrior had ever fought, but nothing would stop him from rescuing the King and retrieving the stolen jewels. He heard a woman shout from the far end of the field, so he laid down his sword and turned to run toward his mother. He would return to battle later, but now the little dragon warrior…

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    The Magolith

    The dark, claw-like rock was the last remaining connection between the Realm and the human world. For millenia, fairies and other mystical beings had used the magolith as a portal to travel freely between the worlds.  Most fairies had stopped traveling to the Earthly world long ago, many had even forgotten how to find the magical stone.  They were told that the humans had turned the world into a dark place full of hate, not a place for fairies and their light. Eighty years ago they stopped even sending scouts to keep an eye on the goings on of that world.  Instead, one of the Keepers of Knowledge was charged…

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    Festival of Colors

    Fall has arrived. School is in session and there is a chill in the air.  Families flock to apple orchards and pumpkin patches.  The lush green of the woods has been replaced by vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds.  The changing colors of the leaves announce the season more clearly than any date on a calendar ever could.  The background of any outdoor picture immediately gives away the season, while tourists line the sides of roads eager to document the beauty of the leaves. You won’t see these colors in Winter, Spring or Summer. In our old town the Fall Foliage Festival was the event that was anticipated all year.  Committees…

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    Buyer Beware – A Spooky Microprose

    It wasn’t until after moving she heard the rumors. Untimely deaths, mysterious disappearances. The house had sold three times in the last two years. She heard something fall and a shrill cry upstairs. She rushed to check on the children. A pale woman stood before her. She looked through her, “I couldn’t stop him.” she sobbed. But when she hit the lights, nothing was there.

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    A Happy Place

    Turning on the news lately makes me want to scream, but like a tragic roadside accident, I cannot look away.  There is so much that I want to say, but I can’t.  I am afraid that if I open the floodgates even a little, I will never be able to close them again. All of those words, memories and tears will just come falling out and I won’t be able to stop them. So instead, I focus on my happy place. For years, my happy place was not a real place at all.  Instead it was a state of mind that I could take anywhere.  I would put my headphones…

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    Finding Stability and Home – Part Three, My Dream House

    In early March, after losing out on a property that Cal really liked, he pointed out another new property that had come on the market.  I had already shown him the listing for the property before our last trip up north to look at houses, but he had immediately told me it was old and overpriced, so he wasn’t interested in seeing it.  Apparently he hadn’t paid much attention the first time I showed it to him beyond the age of the home and the price. Now he was excited about the house.  It was a beautiful, well-maintained home in an absolutely perfect location.  There is not another property anywhere…

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    Finding Stability and Home – Part Two, Our House Hunting Journey

    Cal and I have been house hunting off and on for about three years now.  Circumstances changed at different times, so we weren’t able to be seriously looking for that entire three year period.  We initially looked to buy right when we were first moving to New Hampshire.  We looked at houses and made offers.  Our initial location criteria were the best school districts in the state and being centrally located for jobs.  After a few months of looking we decided to get a rental before the new school year started so that we could all be together.  Our rental was in a small town in the Sunapee/Kearsarge area of…

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    Finding Stability and Home – Part One

    I have moved around a lot (not as much as some, but still far more than I would have liked).  During those ice breaker activities in college, I never knew where to say I was from.  The main places I have lived were all in New England, so I usually just said New England.  Once someone called me out on that and said I must be too embarrassed of whatever state I was from, so I was being intentionally vague.  I had to explain that I was born in New Hampshire, lived in Connecticut through most of elementary school, lived in Rhode Island for grades 4-8, and then lived in…